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100 % English Leicester Longwool Yarns

This handspun yarn is wool from the unique and rare breed of sheep the English Leicester Longwool.

The wool is very lustrous and extremly durable. It is a strong wool and the yarns are often compared to mohair

because of it's luster and strength. The English Leicester Longwool can be naturally colored and natural white.

Uses for these wool yarns extend to outerwear, blankets and tapestry. The English Leicester Longwool sheep are listed as Critical with the

American Livestock Breeds Conservatory.

100% Merino

Natural White grown on the farm, spun with Love

Wool & Luxury Fiber Blends

Naturally Colored Llama & Romney Wool Blend****All Natural Alpaca & Leicester Longwool Lambs Wool

Blended with your choice of Mohair, Angora Bunny, or Silk

Natural Colored Wools

Made from Longwool cross, Romney and Coopworth fleeces

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* MILLSPUN YARNS made in New England*

Natural BORDER LEICESTER & SILK (90/10), Aran Singles, approx 168 ypp, 4 oz skeins

Natural BORDER LEICESTER , Singles, approx 1420 ypp, average 2.5 # cones

Natural BORDER LEICESTER , 3 ply Fingering, 3 oz/190 yds and/or 5 oz/330 yds skeins

Natural White ENGLISH LEICESTER LONGWOOL Laceweight, 2 ply, 400 yd, 4oz skeins


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